Proactive Quality Management

Document Management, QA/QC, Reporting and Safety Management are big issues for General Contactors and Subcontractors alike. By proactively taking the time at the start to truly understand your business and workflow, before proposing a solution, our team is able to successfully assist our clients in each facet they are facing in their business.

We listen to you first. Then, we work in partnership with you on a solution that makes sense for your company’s needs now and in the future. Depending on your long-term goals, we can help successfully implement a multi-solution approach.

Find and Solve Jobsite Issues Before They Become Costly

The construction quality problems that cost the most are the ones that you miss. Standardize quality workflows, gain visibility into all project issues, and quickly assign and resolve those issues. See below for  just a couple of the many services that we can offer you at Applied Software™.

Software Implementation

Confirm that your teams are getting 100% of the benefit of the software you're invested in.

Schedule Management

Digitize the Production Planning process and more closely track Trend schedule data to identify leading actionable indicators and positively influence your schedule.

Subcontractor Training

Improve subcontractor buy-in to technology by building their confidence in new technology. We will show them the benefits relevant to them.

Workflow Analysis

By learning your current workflows, we can determine how to better utilize software to enhance them.

Document Management

Ensure that your teams have the most accurate, up to date documents at all times, whether in the field or at the office.

Admin/Project Training

Empower your Project Admins and reduce the barrier of software adoption by implementing best practices at the beginning of the project.

Success Tracking

We can help you establish metrics and develop a plan to attain those goals using extractable data.

Services We Offer:

The Tools You Need for Success

Utilize the products that will improve your workflows.