Current Serial Number, Update Serial Number, or Switch License Type


November 6, 2017 | All

Have you ever fallen into one of these scenarios with your Autodesk software?

  • Someone has installed your software and you need to reinstall, but you’re holding off because you don’t know your serial number and you don’t want to possibly install with another serial number you may have at your disposal.
  • You installed your software with one serial number but realize you should have used another.  You need to update your serial number.
  • You need to convert your license type from standalone to network or vice versa.

The serial number information can be found easily within the software.  

In AutoCAD based products you can simply type in ABOUT at the command line and press ENTER.

You’ll be taken to the ABOUT dialog box.  Simply click on the “Manage License” button. . .

and then click on the chevron to the left of the software name to reveal the serial number. .

But in Revit and Inventor products you need to use the Help pull-down to find your serial number. . .

Then you click the “Manage License” button  and follow the same steps as above to reveal your serial number.

If you need to change the serial number there is an update button/link in the boxes.

If you have installed the software as a standalone version (or a trial) and need to have it installed as a network version instead then just click on the “Change License Type” option and then follow the prompts.  Next time you launch the software you’ll be prompted to activate and at that moment you can select the correct license type. . .