Plant Innovation: Custom Properties in Navisworks


Using Navisworks Appearance Profiler selection sets as a visual way to close the gap between design, purchasing and installation can be a time saver. It is a valuable tool for purchasing and scheduling, as well as project management.  Starting in 2022, the Plant 3D Object Enabler allows Navisworks users to directly retrieve property data from Plant 3D while reviewing Plant 3D models.

An additional note about using the 2022 Plant 3D Object Enabler. Even if you are using a later version of Plant 3D such as 2021, you can still take advantage of the 2022 Object Enablers by using the 2022 version of Navisworks, as the new feature will still retrieve property data and display it in the Properties window.

The properties are now shown in the AutoCAD tab in the Navisworks Properties window. Not only will it show standard properties such as Size, Pipe Schedule and Pipe Spec, but it also shows custom user-created properties such as Purchase Status, as highlighted in the following video.

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