Customer Success: AutoCAD Programming


May 14, 2019 | All, AutoCAD

Bill needed his AutoCAD programmers to move into the 21st century. His current custom programming was developed in the late 80s and 90s and built on AutoLISP and Visual Basic (VBA). Much of the old code was not working anymore, not doing what was needed, and lacked extended enhancements. Applied Software was the natural choice to partner with Bill’s firm. The industry-trained personnel of Applied have worked through this scenario many times, including: 

  • Adding new functionality to sidestep error-prone manual processes.
  • Correcting deficiencies and enhancing existing programming code.
  • Sharing mission critical AutoCAD knowledge with in-house programmers.
  • Prioritizing and streamlining the programming process.

With an Applied Software expert working alongside Bill’s programmers in their own environment, efficiency quickly improved. The programmers learned the basics of AutoCAD and AutoCAD Database Extensions. They got “hooks” of code for basic repeatable functions of the Application Programming Interface (API). Their productivity increased, progress was faster, and Bill’s design team benefitted as well. Consolidated commands meant fewer “picks and clicks.” Fewer manual workarounds were required, and quality improved. Momentum grew around Bill’s design process and remains strong today, making Bill’s situation a technology-era success story.

If you can relate to Bill’s challenges, consider partnering with Applied Software Professional Services to write your own success story.