Customer Success: CNC Machining

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The designs that Ron’s company creates – wood pieces that are assembled at the construction site – are unique to each building construction project and run the gamut from pure utility to functional art. The creation process was slower and more complicated than Ron wanted and sometimes wasted raw materials, because each variety of wood required special cut controls to maintain high quality finishes and designs. Enter the Applied Software Professional Services Team, an industry-trained cadre of programmers who understand how to make software work for your business and can do just about anything you can dream up. In Ron’s case, that included:

  • Develop a strategy, in partnership with in-house programmers, to use a CSV file of parameters for each cut desired and enable more detailed and specialty cuts. 
  • Generate code to read the parameters and draw the layout in AutoCAD, which can be read by the cutting post-processor. 
  • Generate custom cut layouts as polylines, either clockwise or counter-clockwise, depending on the cut. 
  • Introduce and implement additional CNC files to further the automation. 

By their very nature, custom installations can quickly devour profits. But with the help of Applied Software, Ron’s company has generated eleven specific types of cut layouts to date, field tested with positive results. His team is producing custom jobs faster, with fewer complications and with less waste – and that equals more profit. If your company needs to make your CNC jobs work better, like Ron’s, contact the Applied Software experts to see how they can champion innovation at your firm today.

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