Digitized Plan Review with Revu


June 16, 2020 | All, Bluebeam

The recent  Bluebeam article about Southeast Metro Stormwater Authority (SEMSWA) describes how that organization migrated from a time-consuming paper based process to Bluebeam Revu.

The SEMSWA website mentions that since 2007, it has provided stormwater management services for drainage and flood control facilities within its service areas in the City of Centennial and unincorporated Arapahoe County. SEMSWA was formed by an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) in September 2006 among Arapahoe County, City of Centennial, Arapahoe County Water and Wastewater Authority, East Cherry Creek Valley Water and Sanitation District, and Inverness Water and Sanitation District.

Originally, all of the SEMSWA projects were done on paper. Each document and application seemed to necessitate another and another until team workers were practically drowning in paper. Workers at SEMSWA review “all City drainage reports, grading, erosion and sediment control plans, construction drawings, and associated documents to confirm compliance with environmental regulations.” Essentially, that means a ton of paperwork had to be sifted through every single day. Eventually, this began to weigh heavily on projects.

Once the City of Centennial, Colorado, in which SEMSWA is based, began accepting applications via PDF, the Authority saw a great opportunity to merge to electronic processes. This would allow it to: “easily transition to electronic workflows, digitally review large format PDF drawings and other documents, and electronically add markups and comments to PDFs, including industry-standard tools such as text, revision clouds, CAD symbols, and measurements.” It was tough to pass up an opportunity like this—so SEMSWA chose not to pass it up.  

Bluebeam Revu, which is designed to “view large format drawings and redline them with easy-to-use, customizable markups,” became the choice of SEMSWA to help simplify its review process. Since utilizing Revu, SEMSWA has been able to “download… relevant [application] files from the City’s web portal and open them directly in Bluebeam.” It can also use Revu to redline documents, “save frequently used comments in tool sets for easy reuse,” and upload redlined documents directly to the City’s web portal for final distribution.

The Bluebeam article adds that, since SEMSWA has been so pleased with the progress it has made with Revu, it plans to “implement similar digital review processes with other partner agencies within its jurisdiction.” It is also looking into other Bluebeam products and solutions for use in future projects.

Check out another Revu success story in the Applied Software article The Revu of Two Cities. The City of Westminster and Snohomish County faced similar problems to each other, and both found their solutions by choosing Revu.

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