dynamo the answer to the knowledge gap

Dynamo: The Answer to the Knowledge Gap


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As AEC technologies become ever more sophisticated, we are seeing the knowledge gap grow between those with all the industry experience and those who can navigate software and use it fluently. We’ve heard from senior professionals who feel a bit out of touch with the project since they are no longer the ones making a daily impact. These same senior professionals are often too overburdened to learn the new technologies for the industry and, as a result, are gradually getting left behind.

What if there was a way to reengage these industry savvy professionals without requiring them to learn new software? Could a visual programming tool like Autodesk Dynamo possibly be the answer?

Dynamo is a visual programming add-in for Autodesk Revit. It provides open source graphical programming that enables custom computational design and automation processes for the building information modeling (BIM) process. Dynamo is above and beyond a traditional modeling interface. With its smooth visual programming and scripting network, users can manipulate data, relational structures and geometric control. Using node-based programs, users can create and publish custom user objects simply by connecting nodes. Additionally, using Dynamo is as easy as using menus, drop-downs and search fields. Dynamo files don’t contain actual objects; they contain a set of instructions for Revit to automate tasks and routines.

When most people think about visual programing, their thoughts immediately go to the twisting towers and the thousands of design options they can create with generative design. Although those are all possible applications, the real power of something like Dynamo is the ability to make the more difficult, onerous tasks easier. No programming experience is required!

Dynamo can serve as the bridge over the gap between the senior staff person with all the industry knowledge and the younger professional who can comfortably navigate a Revit model.  Imagine a principal of interior design who has never opened Revit being able to create finish floors by filling out a spreadsheet. Imagine a project manager who can create every sheet s/he needs on a project without ever opening Revit.

Dynamo puts the control of the project back in the hands of team members with more industry experience and provides them with the tools needed to make a positive impact on the model. They can visualize and analyze projects, explore design options faster, drive the behavior of the design model, and import/export data in a real-time workflow. To get a grasp of how Dynamo works, you can access the short Dynamo YouTube tutorial: How to use Autodesk Dynamo Studio.

If your firm is facing a gap between industry-trained staff and technology professionals, it could be time for you to take a closer look at Dynamo. Contact Applied Software today for a quick discovery call with an industry expert to learn how Dynamo can bridge your firm’s knowledge gap. Put your senior professionals back in touch with the project so they can once again make a daily impact.

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