Elasticsearch and Panzura


February 19, 2020 | All, Panzura

No, you don’t have to hide under your desk. They won’t be searching you. Elasticsearch is a new service developed by global data center provider phoenixNAP to search and store massive amounts of metadata (data about data, for instance logs) as objects in the cloud. The service works in conjunction with Vizion.ai™, powered by Panzura, and Intel® Optane® DC persistent memory, which provides a cache for the data.

Traditional enterprise data management systems were not created to handle the kinds of data loads being generated today: each minute there are billions of emails plus hundreds of thousands of tweets and millions of internet searches. Intel estimates that within the next five years the Internet of Things will generate nearly 80 zettabytes of data a year (ZB is a trillion GB, so that’s 8 with 21 zeroes after it). Even the data logs generated by servers and applications about the data that’s being stored need to be handled to manage infrastructure and detect security breaches. Finding the data itself among multiple cloud storage sites and then analyzing it can take time and effort, and often only 10% of the data needs to be quickly accessed – ie. it’s “hot.” The Elasticsearch service was launched to help companies manage cloud object storage using data search, analytics and insights.

An Intel case study about phoenixNAP, publicized by Panzura in December, 2019, highlights how the data center provider’s new service can search huge volumes of metadata using Panzura’s Vizion.ai and store it in object storage. The Panzura storage layer provides an intermediary between data center storage protocols and cloud storage protocols, so data center applications can use cloud storage without modification. Panzura provides scalability for the process, and Vizion.ai allows a complete overview of the user’s entire cloud network, including the ability to find anything. Vizion.ai also provides alerts for unusual activity and indicators of problem areas.

As the case study points out, the cloud market is intensely competitive. By offering a cloud environment that is optimized for particular applications and enhanced with value-added services, phoenixNAP distinguishes its data center from providers with massive-scale servers and network infrastructure. According to phoenixNAP, the Elasticsearch service using Vizion.ai enables the data center to provide more value to its customers by giving them new ways to manage their data within its proprietary cloud. Therefore, customers subject to regulation are not required to validate the data sovereignty or security of a new solution provider.

Panzura has risen above other cloud file storage solutions because it addresses the latency involved when users open, lock, save, and close files stored in the cloud. Using a hybrid cloud approach, data is synchronized with cached local data for fast access. It also uses simultaneous bursting data sync every minute, so all sites are synced with each other and the cloud at the same moment. The data stored in the cloud is considered the “single source of truth.”

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