Entering Revision Information in Revit


April 18, 2018 | All

This help article originally appeared on a post in Autodesk’s Knowledge center. We have posted the information here for all you avid ASTI blog readers.

When you revise the building model, enter information about the revision in the project. When you later add revision clouds to a drawing, you can assign the revision to one or more clouds. Note: Before entering revision information in a project, decide how revision clouds will be numbered on sheets. See Revision Cloud Numbering by Project or by Sheet.

To enter revision information:

  1. In the project, click View tabSheet Composition panel (Sheet Issues/Revisions). The Sheet Issues/Revisions dialog displays.
  2. To add a new revision, click Add. Note: For your first revision, edit the values for the existing (default) revision row.
  3. In the revision row, for Numbering, select Numeric, Alphanumeric, or None.
  4. For Date, enter the date on which the revisions are made or will be sent for review.
  5. For Description, enter the description of the revision to display in revision schedules on sheets.
  6. If the revision has been issued, enter values for Issued to and Issued by, and then select Issued.
  7. For Show, select one of the following values. (These values apply after you assign the revision to one or more clouds.)
    • None: Does not display the revision cloud and the revision tag in the drawing.
    • Tag: Displays the revision tag and draws the revision cloud, but does not display the cloud in the drawing. (To move or edit the cloud in the drawing, move the cursor over the cloud area to highlight and select the cloud.)
    • Cloud and Tag: Displays the revision cloud and the revision tag in the drawing. This option is the default.
  8. Click OK.

Happy revising!