FAB and MEP Users: What’s New for You in Revit 2020

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July 8, 2019 | All, Fabrication

2Whats New in Revit 2020 for Fabrication

It’s no secret in this industry that juggling specialty trades on a project can keep you up at night. Fortunately, with Autodesk Fabrication products – CADmep, ESTmep and CAMduct – you can use manufacturer-specific content to generate better estimates, create more accurate detailed models, and directly drive mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) fabrication on your projects. Using the new tools and enhancements of Revit 2020, you can better capture design and fabrication intent as you extend your BIM workflow to specialty contractors on mechanical systems. Check out these features of Revit 2020:

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For MEP Fabrication

Enhanced features:

  • Changing duct and pipe types has improved when different shapes and groups are involved.
  • Interaction with the Edit Parts dialog is improved when opening and previewing large models.
  • There are slope pipe improvements for identical parts – the API recognizes the difference in slope deflection in parts.

New features:

  • CSV exports of items can be generated and exported to multiple formats. The exports can be imported into other external database or spreadsheet programs.
  • You can now set the location parameters of Middle Elevation for both pipe and ductwork.

For general MEP

Enhanced features:

  • Nested MEP family connectors now define origin at a user defined location, not by default.
  • You can retain location of some face-based elements when linked model walls change.

New features:

  • Multiple parameters are renamed for offsets and elevations in the properties palette.
  • Offset from Host is now available for non-hosted Revit elements.
  • Elevation from Level Parameter is now available in schedules, tags and view filters. The parameter appears in equipment, terminals, fittings, and accessories.
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If better estimates, more accurate detailed models, and more coordinated MEP fabrication on your projects sounds like a dream-come-true, put the dream team of Autodesk Fabrication and Revit 2020 to work for you. Contact Applied Software today to discover how you can achieve an improved BIM workflow with specialty contractors and sleep better at night.