Workflows shouldn't be a workaround.

Built with the contractor for better efficiency. eVolve Mechanical™ enables all skilled detailers to work together on the same file set for true collaboration. Using model-linked data, MEP system automatically adjusts and stays connected through all phases of collaboration.

Fabrication tools for the mechanical contractor who seeks optimal processes through the use of Revit.

Realize your potential with collaborative and connected model based processes. Make the estimating, manufacturing, fabrication and installation process more predictable through integrated workflows with Autodesk Fabrication ESTmep and CAMduct.

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Automated Hangar Layout

System and size based hanger rules deliver the right hanger type distributed with collision correction, connectivity to structure and MEP system sticky behavior.

Spooling & Prefabrication

Spool Drawings are automated and connected to the live model. Schedules, dimensions and annotations are connected and update automatically.


Rule based and customizable. Easily renumber duct fittings for CAM labels or pipe and ductfittings for spool sheets and scheduling................

RTS Point Layout & Export

Deliver hanger locations, sleeve locations and custom point locations to the field through point creation, management and export tools......