Fixes and enhancements to FormIt v17


August 6, 2019 | All, Software Update

Fixes and enhancements to FormIt v17

Autodesk released FormIt v17.3 for Windowson June 13, 2019. FormIt allows users to work with larger, more complex models using powerful tools and visualization options. Here are some of the top enhancements and fixes in the latest version, many of which were requested by FormIt users through the Autodesk forums:


  • Added AutoSave.
  • Added weather stations, temperature graphs and wind rose charts.
  • Added support for SketchUp 2019 files.
  • Added an on-screen indicator when Touch Mode is active.
  • Added an in-canvas indicator when satellite imagery cannot be loaded.
  • Group bounding boxes to align with the orientation of the Group’s local coordinate system.
  • Non-Uniform Scale to align its grips to the parent Group’s coordinate system.
  • Material Eyedropper to match a sampled material’s orientation accurately in more cases.
  • FBX exports to include Group and Group instance name information.


  • Improved performance when opening large models.
  • Improved performance when opening large OBJ files.
  • Improved performance when placing a new Group in a large model with many Groups.
  • Improved the handling of units when importing or exporting OBJ, STL and FBX files.
  • Improved the usability of BIM 360 Docs dialog.
  • Improved BIM 360 Docs messaging accuracy and consistency with other FormIt platforms.
  • Fixed an issue where importing satellite imagery could result in a blank image when Bing Maps didn’t have data for that zoom level.
  • Fixed an issue where importing an OBJ file with many triangles could result in incorrect shadows.
  • Fixed an issue where embedded color information in OBJ files was ignored.
  • Fixed an issue where placing Dynamo objects from the Dynamo panel would occasionally result in an empty application window appearing.
  • Fixed an issue where editing Dynamo sample files in Dynamo would fail to show live updates in FormIt in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where closing Dynamo without saving changes would result in an incorrect warning message the next time a Dynamo object is placed in FormIt.
  • Fixed an issue where placing a single Group from the Content Library would not use the Group’s LCS origin as the placement point.
  • Fixed an issue where refreshing the Content Library in a nested folder would unexpectedly return to the top-level parent folder.
  • Fixed an issue where the Content Library would fail to default to the previous directory/location when FormIt was restarted.
  • Fixed an issue where hovering over or selecting geometry with an active Section Plane would cause the ground plane and grid to unexpectedly get clipped.
  • Fixed an issue where faces would fail to highlight when selected inside a mirrored Group.
  • Fixed an issue where faces would fail to highlight when selected as part of a guided selection tool, like Shell Solids and Offset Solids.
  • Fixed an issue where moving a Mesh containing only edges resulted in the original location drawn unexpectedly while the Move tool was active.
  • Fixed an issue where certain tools would allow selecting Meshes, even though Meshes are not valid for the tool.
  • Fixed an issue where extruding arcs, circles and splines would result in the final geometry losing the original arc/circle/spline attribute unexpectedly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Autodesk Material Library dialog was too large for some screens.

For details on other versions of FormIt, follow this link to the original Autodesk article, “Release Notes” FormIt for Windows.