Free Software! Autodesk Screencast


August 17, 2016 | Fabrication, All

Everyone likes free software. It’s even better when that software is actually good.
I want tell you about one Autodesk software that I’ve been using for a long time and really like. It’s Autodesk Screencast, Screencast is a desktop recording application that allows you to record your screen and then share it with others. Now I know there are other screen recording applications out there but if you’re in Autodesk software user you really should check out Screencast it works fantastic with Autodesk products giving you a button right inside software to start a recording. It records mouse movement, clicks, keystrokes and commands typed at the command line in AutoCAD. This is great for recording tips and tricks to share with coworkers or to illustrate┬áissues for support.
Give Autodesk Screencast a try it won’t cost you a dime and I think you’ll like it.
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