Fun Facts about Revu 2019

Fun Facts About Revu 2019

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Bluebeam announced the newest version of Revu on October 29, 2019. New features are designed to increase productivity, improve measurement accuracy and streamline deployment company wide. We combined the new features with some Bluebeam statistics to come up with fun facts.

Users – According to Bluebeam, there are over 1.6 million Bluebeam Revu users in 130 countries worldwide, and 94% of top U.S. contractors use Bluebeam products.

Speed – The Revu 2019 hardware-accelerated rendering engine is six times faster than in version 2017. So complex linework pan and zoom, for instance, are smooth and consistent. Rendering speed and refresh rates are better, and initial load times are decreased. Users can save time even on large project document sets. Performance is enhanced for all project stakeholders.

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Collaboration – Revu keeps teams on the same page because an entire project can reside in the cloud. Team members can review and make markups in real time, while critical accountability is maintained. Multiple teams can conduct design reviews and make markups simultaneously. This moves the project forward more efficiently during construction.

Age – Bluebeam has been around since 2002. It recently became a part of Nemetschek Group, alongside a collection of 15 other software brands that operate in an entrepreneurial manner to drive innovation of their separate products. Besides Bluebeam, those brands are ALLPLAN, Crem Solutions, Data Design System, dRofus, FRILO, GRAPHISOFT, MAXON, NEVARIS, Precast Software Engineering, RISA, SCiA, SDS/2, Solibri, SpaceWell, and Vectorworks.

Bids – Revu helps users develop the most accurate job bids possible using an enhanced takeoff feature that automatically prompts you for scale in your measurements and allows the use of independent units for different measurement types. The result is accurate cost estimates and quantity takeoffs with better turnaround times. Your firm can develop the most competitive bids possible, and costly errors can be a thing of the past. Accurate quantity takeoffs are also important on remote jobs where materials have to be shipped in by plane or barge, like the wind farms being installed by STG in Alaska.

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Data – Revu preserves project data through completion and beyond. The November 2018 StrXur article, “No More Binders: Digital Project Closeout With Bluebeam,” describes how using Bluebeam Revu enables an interactive digital project closeout package instead of a massive binder filled with printed O&M manuals, warranties, inspection certificates, and spreadsheets.

Deployment – Revu 2019 has a new enterprise-ready Configuration Editor tool that helps roll out the product across the entire organization and deploy Revu uniformly. It allows an administrator to easily configure settings, features and plugins consistent with company standards.

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To get started transforming the way you build, you can download a free, fully-functional 30-day trial of Bluebeam Revu. After you’ve had a chance to discover all of the ways Revu can help you finish your projects within schedule and budget, contact Applied Software for a discovery call with a Bluebeam expert to explore which Bluebeam Revu product is the best fit for your firm.

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