Getting Started with Python in Plant 3D


November 10, 2020 | All

On a fairly regular basis, we get asked about using Python to customize Plant 3D parts. The information is spread out over a few links, so I thought it’d be useful to get it into a blog post.

Python Blog Series

To get a solid start on Python, you should work through the blog series over on ADN. Here’s links below:

  1. Overview –
  2. Example Script –
  3. Expansion Joint example –
  4. Deployment –
  5. Custom Nozzle –

Autodesk University

I’ve taught some courses at Autodesk University in the past, and the handouts for those have some details about custom Equipment scripts. Though it’s from 2012, the content all applies.


Like all things as time goes on, we learn more tricks. Since writing those articles, my preferred IDE has become Visual Studio code. Because it is flexible, you can easily customize the build process to launch Plant 3d and load scripts to setup your Python testing environment. Let us know how your Python journey goes!