Good-bye Constructware: Action You Should Take Now

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Autodesk Constructware is an on-demand software-as-a-service for construction project management and collaboration. Autodesk has announced it will be discontinuing this product by October 31, 2021. After that “end-of-life” date, subscribers will no longer be able to access or use Constructware. So, if you are a Constructware user, what should you do?

Constructware users: What do you like and dislike about using Constructware? Participate in this survey to indicate your preferences.

If you have gone through a software product discontinuation and the quest for a replacement tool – for instance if you were a former Buzzsaw user – you know how quickly the end-of-life date can sneak up on you. To help users with the transition from Buzzsaw to BIM 360, Applied Software developed a transition “white glove service.” Although Autodesk offered its own service, that turned out to be more complicated than anyone ever expected. Many users assumed that, with the use of technology, the transition would be quick and easy. But that was not the case.

To further complicate the matter, when Autodesk notified customers of the impending Buzzsaw end-of-life, many users procrastinated their transition to another software tool and waited until the last minute to make the switch. As a result, the conversion took them longer than expected and was not always as smooth as they had hoped.

Acquired by Autodesk in 2006, Constructware (like Buzzsaw) has been around for a very long time. Switching from Constructware is not like a 30-year-old person switching from an old car to a new car. It’s more like a 16-year-old switching from an old bicycle to a new car: the new driver needs help. In this light, you can think of Applied Software as your driving instructor, car mechanic, automobile insurance agent, and Google Maps rolled into one.

Switching away from Constructware to something else that will fulfill your construction coordination, project management and collaboration needs requires planning and time. New technology, no matter how much better, involves change, and people naturally need time to embrace that change.

To assist with your company’s software change, Applied Software has developed a “white glove service” for Constructware users. This service ensures that customer software needs are well planned and sized correctly. It also provides you with detailed reports and tools to support you in your final transition.

If you are a Constructware user ready to investigate your options, reach out to Applied Software. The experts at Applied will work with you to review/develop your plan for transition from Constructware to another solution. The benefits to you include optimized costs, streamlined effort and an efficient, smoothtransition.

By partnering with Applied Software, your risk during the transition is minimized. Your strategic efforts are maximized. Going back to my analogy, we have ways of helping you enjoy driving a different car!

Constructware users: What features of Constructware do you use regularly? Give your input on this brief survey to share how you have used Constructware for project management and collaboration.

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