If you’re using Autodesk Cloud Credits, take note . . .


Cloud Credits are the virtual currency required for Autodesk software users to perform resource intensive tasks in the Autodesk cloud, for example renderings, simulations or generative studies. They were introduced by Autodesk about ten years ago in concert with A360, which provided a central workspace in the cloud for managing and sharing project information.

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Autodesk has announced that, beginning March 29, 2022, Cloud Credits will be replaced by Flex tokens.

The Flex licensing model was launched in September 2021, enabling pay-as-you-go Autodesk software use. The single-day, on-demand offering lets users pay with Flex tokens to use certain Autodesk software products as needed.

If you’re new to Flex tokens, you can purchase them from Applied Software.

Retiring the Cloud Credits virtual currency makes way for the use of Flex tokens only. Using tokens to pay for cloud services broadens their use and simplifies the types of virtual currency users must manage and track in their use of Autodesk software and services. The transition from cloud credits to Flex tokens will take place over the period of a year:

  • On March 29, 2022, Cloud Credits will no longer be available for purchase, and Flex tokens will be accepted as payment for most cloud services.
  • On March 29, 2023, all existing Cloud Credits will expire – free, trial, starter, and purchased credits.

If you do not have previous experience with Flex, you may want to listen on-demand to the Applied Software webinar, “Autodesk Flex Licensing Available Now.”

To determine how many cloud credits you currently have in your account, sign into your Autodesk Account at manage.autodesk.com and click Reporting->Cloud Services Usage in the navigation menu. Although the original plan was for starter credits to never expire, take note that this is no longer the case.

Flex token usage reporting shows the use of tokens by product and by user. This enables admins to optimize token usage and purchases. There is an average 30-minute delay between collection of usage data and having it show up in Autodesk Account.

If you need an experienced partner to help you navigate the transition from Cloud Credits to Flex tokens, contact Applied Software today.

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