Installing Desktop Subscription Software


September 21, 2015 | All, IT Services

You have purchased desktop subscription for your software or someone in your company has purchased desktop subscription for you.  There are three scenarios a that can take place here and you need to be aware of how to manage them.

  1. Purchaser is also the user – When you buy Desktop Subscription software for personal use, you enter your personal Autodesk Account information during purchase. You are assigned as the Contract Manager and a Named User with permissions to download, install, and activate your software. Your software is available for download from your Autodesk Account when you receive the fulfillment email message from the Autodesk Store.
  2. Purchaser is not the user – Account administrators, such as Contract Managers and Software Coordinators, may buy Desktop Subscription software intended for other users. One available software license is assigned to the purchaser automatically at checkout. If you don’t intend to use the software you buy, remove yourself as a Named User for the software. You can then assign permissions to use the software to another user. Software users can visit and create personal accounts.
  3. User is not the purchaser – If your company has a Contract Manager or Software Coordinator who purchases software and manages access, work with that administrator to set up your software. You can download, install, and activate your Desktop Subscription software from your Autodesk Account after the administrator adds you as a Named User.

You can read about how to manage all three of these scenarios with this “how to” by Autodesk:  Managing Users & Permissions