Introducing 360 Sync with Docs!


If you’ve followed my blog before, you’re aware of 360 Sync – our sync app that connects BIM 360 Field to Windows. With the most recent updates to Autodesk Forge, Applied Software is proud to announce that our new version of 360 Sync now has the capability to integrate with BIM 360 Docs! This new update will allow your team to push files down directly from BIM 360 Docs to your Windows server or desktop.

Link your projects together like never before

This means that your BIM 360 projects can now be integrated more than ever. If you’re using Field, Glue and/or Docs on your project, it’s now easier than ever to link them all together – your models can be synced and transferred automatically between Docs, Windows & Glue, and your plans & project files can be synced and transferred automatically between Docs, Windows & Field. This means that a Project Document Migration is now possible!

Key Benefits & Features

360 Sync with Docs is also the only way to extract all project photos from Docs, so if you need to access all of your photos from your issues or RFIs in Docs, you now have the availability to download them directly to your Windows server or desktop. In addition to syncing with Windows, 360 Sync with Docs also automatically syncs with Box, Dropbox, Egnyte, Sharefile, and many more. Soon, it will also integrate with SharePoint! We’ve even done a few custom integrations with systems like Viewpoint, so if there is a platform not currently listed that your project or company utilizes, we can partner with you to sync it to your BIM 360 project files, and eliminate double-entry of data.


While 360 Sync with Docs is pretty great, it still has some limitations related with the Forge API. Currently, the Docs API does not allow 360 Sync to create or delete folders, so it’s recommended to use BIM 360 Docs as your project document hub & “single source of truth,” and using your server or computer as the backup. Autodesk is aware of this missing API call, and it is on their immediate road map to implement.

Also, if you are downloading a Revit model from Docs (with extracted sheets), the individual sheets don’t download – just the Revit model. Autodesk & Applied Software are currently testing a new API call involving this functionality, so it’s possible that this will be functionality in the very near future. Also, if you’re uploading PDFs, the Title Blocks must be reselected or confirmed after uploading them via API.

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