INTRODUCING: 360 Sync with Glue!

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I’m excited to announce 360 Sync for Glue – Applied Software’s new app that seamlessly syncs your desktop or server (or Dropbox, Box, Egnyte, etc. cloud service) with BIM 360 Glue. We’ve had this planned for a while & finally got the time to build it.

What does 360 Sync with Glue do & why did we create it?

Quite simply, 360 Sync automates the upload process from your computer to BIM 360. We created it specifically with the non-Autodesk user in mind: the Tekla / Bentley / Cadworx / QuickPen / Rhino users who use Glue, and don’t already have a Glue button built in to their software.

We wanted to eliminate the process of manually uploading your model to Glue – it’s essentially double-entry & is a waste of time. You’re already saving it to your computer or server, so why not have it upload to Glue as well?

How does it work?

First, you upload your model manually for the first time to BIM 360 Glue. Next, you open up 360 Sync & create a new configuration. You select the model on your desktop, server, or cloud service (Box, Dropbox, Egnyte, etc.), and select the Glue project & model you want to sync with & save your configuration.

You set up a schedule & decide how often you want your model to sync with Glue (we suggest every hour or 2 hours), and that’s it!

Whenever you save your model, 360 Sync with Glue will automatically check your server model against the Glue model. Whenever your model is updated, Glue will be updated. You never have to worry about updating it again!

It even works great for Autodesk users who already utilize the Glue button – you don’t even have to use it anymore because the process is automated!

Key Features:

In addition to automating the upload process, 360 Sync with Glue also notifies you via email after a successful sync, so you know exactly when and how often your model was uploaded. If your company models multiple trades, 360 Sync can easily be setup to upload as many or as few models as necessary at one time. Likewise, if you’re working on multiple projects at one time, 360 Sync with Glue can quickly & easily sync with each one.

360Sync Schedule

360 Sync Schedule

How can you get 360 Sync with Glue?

Call or contact one of our Construction Technology Group specialists to try 360 Sync with Glue out for FREE for one month. Setup & training takes 15-20 minutes, and then you’re ready to go! It’s that simple!


  1. I am unable to publish from local desktop to Glue project….when I review the error log i get the following, “BIM 360 Glue is not supported as an end point when file limitations are imposed”

    Would love to leverage this on a very high profile project. Please Advise as soon as possible, I am working with trial version.

    1. Joel, The trial version of BIM 360 Sync is a full working version but limited to synchronizing a few files. The trail version works as expected with BIM 360 Field and BIM 360 Docs. Unfortunately, different programming with BIM 360 Glue interferes with the our trial version. I encourage you to test 360 Sync with Field and Docs. A licensed version of 360 Sync will work with BIM 360 Glue.
      Contact Applied Software and we would be happy to demonstrate the 360 Sync Glue workflow but it’s not any different than with BIM 360 Field, BIM 360 Docs, or BIM 360 Team.
      Mark Petrucci
      CTG Director

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