Jump start your asset tracking with BIM 360

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Autodesk BIM 360 Build is used by contractors and construction teams for field execution with a focus on quality and safety, progress tracking and work coordination. With its Asset Tracking and other add-on modules, Build is a cloud-based, mobile construction project management solution that collects data and connects project information and workflows, keeping the accounting office and field teams in sync.

If your company is new to the Asset Tracking add-on of Build, the Applied Software technical team offers an Up and Ready service to jump start your company’s tracking of assets using BIM 360. If you haven’t added the Asset Tracking module to Build yet, you can do so at any time.

The Up and Ready foundational services include:

  1. Workflow discovery.
  2. Plan of action.
  3. Training
  4. Product overview and end user
  5. Admin
  6. Remote support and mentoring.

The Up and Ready schedule typically requires three days for discovery, planning and training, including overview, end user and admin. Follow up support and mentoringwillhelp users master the BIM 360 Asset Tracking workflow.

Workflow discovery

Applied Software will conduct a session to:

  • Determine how you work currently.
  • Learn how you plan to utilize asset tracking.
  • Define the assets you plan to track.
  • Discuss the general expected workflow for tracking the assets.  

Applied will provide participants with a list of documents, installed software and expectations for the training to follow. Discovery will take place up to one week prior to implementation.

Plan of action

This project is based on the customer’s already successful implementation of BIM 360 Build. Applied provides a customized, phased approach, increasing the value and success of your implementation. Your company will experience less disruption to work processes, reducing the impact on your staff’s billable utilization rates. Depending on your company’s unique attributes, challenges and goals, the timeline and organization of these phases can vary.

The strategy is based on new workflows available with the BIM 360 Asset Tracking add-on. Up and Ready is designed to be used in conjunction with a pilot project and team, providing a business incentive for success.

At the conclusion of Up and Ready, your team will have the knowledge to:

  • Create asset lists,
  • Manage assets throughout the entirety of your desired workflow,
  • Create barcodes,                                             
  • Provide templates for future projects.


The training portion of the Up and Ready implementation takes ten hours over two days. Training is process-oriented, so your team members who are already proficient in BIM 360 Build will understand how to effectively manage assets using BIM 360.

  • Product overview and end user: Applied will provide instructor-led, interactive remote training for up to twelve participants using desktop sharing technology. An overview of the BIM 360 Build environment will be provided, plus document management workflows, terminology and global concepts. It will prepare up to 12 attendees for more process-oriented, hands-on training to follow.
  • Admin: Designed especially for project administrators, these sessions will arm them with the skills they need to create and set up projects, invite users and establish permissions and workflows in BIM 360. Trainees will learn how to set up a project that will use asset tracking and will customize the asset types, properties and statuses that will be used for the pilot project.

Your team will have BIM 360 Asset Tracking training and experience they can build on and use on future projects. In addition, you will have consulting hours at the ready for use on the pilot project to coach and mentor the team and ensure the successful use of BIM 360 Asset Tracking on your first project.   

Remote support and mentoring

An important feature of the Up and Ready service is the ongoing support and mentoring for project team members and administrators when needed. Support includes assistance with daily use and maintenance of BIM 360 Asset Tracking and accounts, as well as user management. Applied will also help work with Autodesk to resolve account issues pertaining to the use of BIM 360 Asset Tracking. Support and mentoring are conducted remotely and provided for 30 days upon the commencement of training.

When it’s time for your company to keep your accounting office and field teams in sync, contact Applied Software about Up and Ready services.

BIM 360 is one of the hottest software tools in the industry today. Why spend the time and take a hit to your productivity by experimenting with the best way to implement BIM 360 modules? The expert help is here to get you Up and Ready and back to productive work quickly. To learn more about the BIM 360 Asset Tracking Up and Ready service, call Applied Software today and talk to a BIM 360 expert. 

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