Lesson Learned: Listen!


July 8, 2021 | 360 Sync, All

The genesis of 360 Sync didn’t come from a desire to develop a new, shiny piece of software that had a lot of bells and whistles for the AEC community. It came from the real-world experiences and headaches of Michael Reuter, a former construction giant project engineer and now the Product Manager at Applied Software for 360 Sync. Michael identified a problem within the industry and advocated for a way to address that problem, which led to the development of 360 Sync.

The lesson of listening to people who have their fingers on the pulse of the industry by doing the work themselves – instead of simply initiating changes because it feels like the right thing to do – is one that has directed the continuing development of Applied Software and 360 Sync. We’re continuing to learn lessons from the direct input of our customers:

Implement to benefit the customer’s needs

360 Sync conducts the synchronization of files so that they’re consistent across platforms and users, making sure everyone’s information is updated. But on an implementation of 360 Sync for a mid-sized construction company, we learned that they had specific requests for moving certain files within their workflow based on the type of file and its status.

Don’t assume you know what your customer wants

When planning an update for 360 Sync, we had a clear idea of aspects we thought needed improvement and set out a plan to develop them. Before we started, though, we spoke to some of our customers to get their insights. As it turned out, what we thought should be priorities were not as urgent as what customers wanted to see. We turned our focus from our priorities to theirs, implementing an improved user interface.

Listen carefully to opportunities from your customers

At the request of a user, Applied Software developed an integration with Procore. However, through talking with other customers, we found that Procore had other modules that handled documents differently, such as Drawings, RFIs and Submittals, which Applied Software is currently integrating into an already popular product.

The input of our customers has enabled development of 360 Sync into an efficient product popular with our customers. And we continue to invite you, our customers, to suggest  improvements, features and partners to your 360 Sync consultants.

To learn more about 360 Sync and check out the promo video, go to www.360-sync.com.