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Linking Revit with Robot Structural Analysis

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In order to address AEC industry challenges, Autodesk added Robot Structural Analysis software to the AEC Collection. Now you have a set of tools for design, analysis, and fabrication in one subscription.

linking Revit with Robot Structural Analysis2

Linking Revit with Robot Structural Analysis

The integration between Revit software and Robot Structural Analysis Professional facilitates the coordination of design information and construction documentation. The integration supports multiple workflows stemming from choices regarding initial modeling software and the use of multiple analytical models to split the workload. Additionally, Revit offers many tools and modeling practices to prepare a model for a smoother interoperability with Robot Structural Analysis Professional and other widely used structural analysis software applications.

Complementing BIM workflows, Robot Structural Analysis Professional can help customers:

    1. Explore more design options that are analytically modeled and checked and linked to design models.
    2. Improve collaboration across BIM-enabled design teams by analyzing and incorporating changes more seamlessly to all members of the structural team.
    3. Design a range of structure types more efficiently with country-specific design codes and support for multiple languages and units.

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