Look smarter around the water cooler 8 stats about 2020 Civil3D and InfraWorks

Look Smarter around the Watering Hole – 8 Stats about 2020 C3D and InfraWorks

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Kenneth Driscol, Sr., Applied Software Senior Specialist, with Carol Dunn

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In the competitive AEC industry, sometimes it’s a challenge to stand out among the crowd. The industry is ripe for leaders. You need ways to distinguish yourself and become more valuable in your position. Your firm needs ways to differentiate itself and increase efficiency on the jobs it wins.

The newly-released Autodesk 2020 products have features that will benefit both you and your firm by streamlining your design process. Saving time and expense producing a project not only improves your firm’s bottom line, it makes you increasingly more valuable as a member – even a leader – of the team. Knowing and using these 8 features will elevate you above the din of Autodesk 2020 talk around the watering hole:

  1. ArcGIS. You are now able to make changes to GIS data that was imported from ArcGIS Online and Enterprise. With proper permissions to ArcGIS, those changes made in InfraWorks can be saved back to the ArcGIS Feature Service. For example, you may have brought sanitary sewer manhole and pipe data from ArcGIS into InfraWorks. Within your InfraWorks model, you may wish to change the location of that manhole and pipe to meet your design requirements. Once you make that change, you simply select the data source from ArcGIS Online and select ‘save back’ to save those changes back to ArcGIS.
  2. Dynamo. Dynamo for Civil 3D will streamline repetitive tasks and help you get more out of your model. With Dynamo we enter the next era of design automation and computational BIM processes. Users will be able to iterate, automate and solve complex design challenges, significantly reducing design time and improving quality.
  3. Grading. InfraWorks allows the user to control the cut and fill display on roads. By selecting the material display in the grading option, the user can specify the color or material by the impact, cut or fill. View impacted areas clearly and make design revisions as needed.
  4. Gravity. You can use the Analyze Gravity Network command in Civil 3D to resize pipes, reset inverts, and to compute the energy and hydraulic grade lines according to HEC-22 standards. You can also analyze a pipe network using appropriate rainfall data then apply the results to the new network.
  5. Interface. Civil 3D now has easier navigation and a dark blue theme running across the ribbon background. These cosmetic updates were designed to create a uniform experience across the entire AEC Collection. The kicker . . . upgrades have been made to the ribbon icons in order to scale with high-resolution monitors, such as a 4K display. The purpose of each command is now clear and intuitive.
  6. Roads. With the new InfraWorks, you can individually set specific lengths and elevations for your sag and crest curves in your road profile design.
  7. Spreadsheets. It is now possible to make adjustments to bridge structures using a convenient spreadsheet technique in InfraWorks. The structure parameters are saved to a spreadsheet where multiple edits can be made to multiple areas of the structure at one time. These changes are then saved back into the spreadsheet, and the structure model can then be updated.
  8. SSA. You can select to run multiple storm analysis in Civil 3D. Among the analysis options, there is a new outfall button to edit the outfall conditions for each storm event. This opens a user interface to change the outfall tailwater conditions for each output in the model for each storm event. When running multiple storm events, you can now add storm-specific tailwater conditions separately.

Rise to the top of the competition by putting Autodesk 2020 Civil 3D and InfraWorks to work for you. Start today by downloading the Applied Software eBook “Residential Subdivision Grading – Beyond the Roads.” Then contact Applied Software to explore how you and your firm can both benefit from the software that will save you time and expense on your next project.

For a sampling of the new features of other Autodesk 2020 products, visit the Applied Software blog for “Over Three Dozen Features We Are Excited About in Autodesk 2020 Releases.”

Equip yourself to stand out from the competition and be the leader you were meant to be.

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