Manufacturing: Your Digital Factory


When it comes to commissioning a factory, the details are critical. They can lead to success or setbacks. It’s vitally important to use tools that give you the best chance for efficiency – getting you from planning to production smoothly.

Developing a digital model of your factory is a good start. The digital model lets you see building designs, production line layouts, equipment, and reality capture data in a single view. The 2D layouts can be converted to 3D models.

Architectural, structural, and MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) designs can be integrated. If needed, laser scans of existing facilities can be layered in.

Digital factory; image: Autodesk

There are tools to help you coordinate efforts across the entire project team, both inside the company and outside. You can analyze process efficiencies and materials flow and discover potential clashes. When you are ready to install, you can generate plan, section and elevation views. In a single, accessible location you can collaborate with contractors, trades and suppliers.

There are even options to keep everyone on the same page by simulating and sharing construction sequences.

When your factory is operational, you can manage equipment, quality and track changes. You can ensure your factory is at peak efficiency from earliest production concepts to continuous improvements in operation.

Check out the on-demand webinar “Enable the Digital Factory” with Todd Schmoock and Mike Jolicoeur to learn how to choose the best, most cost-effective options for your process investment.

The following Autodesk chart indicates products that can help you bring together your entire project team to design, construct and operate a highly efficient factory:

By using the right tools, you can be sure you get the details right. This will give you the best chance for efficiency in your digital factory – going from planning to production smoothly.

For a partner you can trust to help you champion your digital factory, contact Applied Software today and talk to an industry specialist.

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