Moving Plant Shared Content to Vault

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For people using Vault, many times they would like to host their shared content in Vault. The first step to doing that is to upload the content into Vault. If there is interest in future posts, we’ll show other steps like synchronizing Vault to a server, or having users sync their content from Vault on a scheduled basis. In this article, we’re not going to cover setting up proper permission, it’s assumed you’ve defined user access already for the actions being performed.

Before starting, you’ll need to identify a couple points.

  1. Where your current shared content folder?
  2. Where do you want the shared content in Vault?

Now it’s time to move your shared content folder.

If you are using the stock location, your content folder is at C:\AutoCAD Plant 3D 20XX Content.

Our internal shared content folder on Vault is at $\Content\Plant 3D\Catalogs.

Before starting, make sure you aren’t going to be using your machine for a while (maybe overnight), because this can be a long process. The process itself will be in three steps.

  • Upload content to Vault
  • Download Vault shared content folder
  • Change user’s shared content folder path

Upload content to Vault

Because there are dwg files in the shared content folder, you will need to use AutoCAD to move them to Vault.

Launch AutoCAD, and then Log In to Vault.

Next click the Application menu (1), Vault Server (2), and Check In Folder (3).

Select your source location (1), target (2). Then pick Non-Interactive mode (3), and click settings. Make sure it doesn’t try to create visualizations (5). Finally add comments (6) and click Ok.

When finished, you will get a popup describing the success or failure.

Download Vault Shared Content folder

Before user’s can access the content, they’ll need to get it stored on their local machine. To do that, navigate to the folder within Vault, right-click and use the Get option.

When the Get dialog comes up, DO NOT CHECK OUT the folder, just click OK and the content will start the potentially long process of downloading.

Change User’s shared content folder

Once the content has been downloaded from Vault, we need to point user’s to the local Vault copy. In the start menu (1), expand AutoCAD Plant 3d 2021 (2), and then right-click on the spec editor (3), select more, and then Run as Administration (4).

Once you close the splash screen, go to Tools > Modify Shared Content folder.

Click Browse and you can go to the local Vault location of your shared content folder.

You will need to restart Plant 3d if you have it open.

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