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Stay competitive and produce more

Comprehensive processes and technology to optimize your oil, gas or plant operations.

Working on job site oil gas industry software

“One of the most dramatic results has been the time saved for our company. What used to take 40 hours is now down to eight.”

“The Applied Software team didn’t try to sell us on something we didn’t need — they listened to our pain points, suggested perfect-fit solutions, and now our production is at its highest level in the history of our business.”

Stay competitive

We ease technology adoption and improve implementation because we have deep and pragmatic experience. Our team is comprised of world-recognized experts who enable you to stay competitive by getting costs down so you can produce more and maintain high quality.

A Unique Combination of Technology and Processing Expertise

  • We don’t waste your time or ours with a steep learning curve. While every situation is different, our extensive experience lets us quickly get to the heart of the matter because we have worked on so many different challenges. We have a depth of understanding with multiple types of technology from web development to desktop environments to multiple plant design products.

Experts at Planning

  • We specialize in pragmatically evaluating scenarios and presenting plans that help our customers no matter where they are in their use of technology. We know what it takes to bring legacy platforms up to current standards and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in licensing fees and broken systems. Our plans cover whatever is needed — design, automation, collaboration and leveraging technology.

A Toolbox Customized to Your Needs

  • We help create culture change so your whole organization is on board with data use and management to insure a rapid return on investment.

Going Beyond Fixing Problems

  • We are not only problem solvers, but also problem finders who help our clients solve problems they may not even realize they have. We believe communication is the core of many issues so we enact standardization and documentation that can be used for change management throughout the plant.

Plant Services

3 people at a desk discussing Data Management & Visualization

Plant 3D Boost

drawings for BIM/VDC Management as a Service

Plant 3D Admin Training

man pointing at computer explaining Digital Transformation

Plant 3D User Training

man writing Business Process Consulting

Business Process Consulting

woman drawing and looking at computer with Enterprise Business Software Integration

Enterprise Business Software Integration

Automation Solutions

Automation Solutions


Want to customize?

If you didn’t quite find what you were looking for, you can build a custom services package to address every need.

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