AutoCAD Tip: Awesome Drawing Purge Option


I’ve been working with AutoCAD-based products since the 80’s. I’ve worked as a draftsman, designer, CAD manager, and jack-of-all trades (master at none) CAD monkey. One thing I’ve learned is that you will eventually get to a point in your drawing where you just need to clean it up. Usually that requires a purge. Typically, users will run the regular PURGE command and then -PURGE command to get things the regualr purge missed (like registered applications).

Well, I was hunting around the Autodesk App Store several months ago and I came across this “sounds too good to be true” drawing purge app. It’s an all-in-one purge tool that helps out tremendously. Also, it has a batch purge capability which allows you to purge data out of several drawings at once without ever needing to open them. The best part. . .it’s FREE!!!!

I’ve been using it for months and have been very pleased. I highly recommend checking it out. You need to be signed into the Autodesk App Store and then you can find it here: Drawing Purge (or by searching for Drawing Purge in the app store search engine). Check out the short videos and images near the bottom to get the idea on how to use it. IT’S VERY SIMPLE.

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