Orthographic Mode in Navisworks? Gone?


February 5, 2014 | All, Construction

Recently, while digging into a really cool 3rd Party add-on for Navisworks (iConstruct – I’ll be posting more on this amazing tool later), I discovered a rather disturbing feature/limitation/defect in Navisworks. After a bit of Googling I found it mentioned in several forum threads, so this may not be news to hard-core Navisworks users, however…

If you have your render mode in the Tools panel of the Home ribbon in Navisworks set to “Autodesk Rendering”, you’ll find that it is impossible to switch off “Perspective” mode and go to “Orthographic”. It’s simply not an option. (Another reason may be that you are in “Walk” or “Fly” mode but that is well-documented in the on-line Help).

Change your render mode to “Presenter” and you can switch back and forth between “Perspective” and “Orthographic”. The downside is that if you have imported files that use “normal” Autodesk materials (from Revit or AutoCAD for example), you lose the display of critical appearance assets such as texture mappings, etc. and are left with just the basic shading properties. In the image below, the “Autodesk Rendering” mode is shown on the left, “Presenter” on the right. I think you’ll agree that the “Presenter” mode is a little… well… *yawn*..

I think I read somewhere on a forum that this is “as designed”. If so, somebody needs to redesign it. I say it’s a serious defect.

But that’s just me…