Panzura Goes Mobile!


Want to take control of your data and eliminate 3rd party file sharing products like Dropbox? Reduce the number of products you need to purchase, administer and coordinate? Want to access all your project files in the field from the convenience of your mobile phone?  Achieve all this and more by leveraging your existing Panzura environment. Welcome the Panzura® Mobile Client to the Panzura Freedom™ Family!

The Panzura® Mobile Client builds on your existing infrastructure by adding Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) functionality. This allows customers to share files across any iOS, Android, PC, or Mac device from any location with the ease of consumer-level file sharing and enterprise-class security.  Give them the files they want with the security your company demands!  No longer do you have to compromise your security by using an outside 3rd party platform.  Protect and monitor your projects from anywhere with the Panzura® Mobile Client!

For more information contact your account representative. 

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