Panzura Introduces New Version: Panzura CloudFS 8 Defend


March 15, 2021 | IT Services, All, Panzura

Effective March 9, 2021, Panzura has announced the availability of CloudFS 8 Defend This new version of CloudFS 8 Defend integrates with Varonis software, including DatAdvantage, DatAlert/DatAlert Analytics, Data Classification Engine, or Automation Engine.

The integration with Varonis brings advanced threat detection to the user and additional security for unstructured data. The new version also offers three new object stores – MinIO, RSTOR and Nutanix Objects – to increase storage options. The stability and reliability of High Availability Auto Failover have been improved, as well as the Auto Pre-Populate smart feature.

Because data security is critical for every company, there is constantly strong pressure on information technicians to monitor the many ways it can be breached – cloud storage, connections, caching, and file damage. If and when problems are detected, it is imperative to respond to them immediately. However, IT staff may be challenged to interpret and prioritize every alert before they determine which ones are merely informational and which ones need to be resolved quickly.

Panzura stores your data as a single source of truth in the cloud, allowing your organization to work without creating file versions, duplicating or overwriting each other’s work.

Reach out to the experts of the Applied Software Digital Transformation Team to learn more about Panzura.

By streamlining notifications and alerts, CloudFS 8 Defend enables companies to sort through notifications efficiently and focus on the things that need immediate attention. The alerts are reported as one of the following:

  • Critical – There is a window of 24-hours or less to address the problem.
  • Warning – The problem should be addressed before it gets worse.
  • Informational – There is an issue, but it is not causing a problem yet.

Through the next-generation alerts and warnings in the newest version of CloudFS 8 Defend, monitored throughout the entire file network, context about alerts is provided using five-way filtering:

  • Severity
  • Filer
  • Date range
  • Data category
  • Data type

In addition, and equally valuable, the IT department is advised about the best next steps to take to address issues.

As described by Petra Davidson in a recent Panzura blog, “Panzura’s global file system CloudFS sees and affects every part of the enterprise’s file operations and storage, including security, access, response, locking, editability, cloud storage and local performance.”

Check out the Panzura Knowledge Base for a specific list of all of the improvements, as well as documentation, release notes, best practices, FAQs, and more.

For detailed information Panzura has made available the full release notes for users’ review.

To find out more about using Panzura for data security, reach out to the experts of the Applied Software Digital Transformation Team and start a conversation with one of the Panzura experts.

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