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Unstructured Data Management in the Cloud



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Ready to reduce your data costs from $2.52/GB to $.36/GB on average?

It’s time to have cloud-backed, cost-effective and storage for file and unstructured data.

  • Reduce storage costs by moving unstructured, file data to the cloud. Take advantage of cloud economics and unlimited capacity. Reduce storage infrastructure costs by as much as 70%.

  • The best of cloud and local storage. Blending economics and unlimited capacity of the cloud with the performance and features of local storage. Cache active data local and put cold data in the cloud.

  • Reduce backups. Cloud providers can offer 11 nines of durability. So you can consolidate backup and tape archive operations to the cloud.

Panzura Hybrid Cloud Storage Solutions
  • Freedom Archive. Active archive solution for user files, videos/imaging, secure data. Dramatically improve archiving access and cost while providing a platform that can scale up or down as needed, never oversubscribing.

  • Freedom NAS. Transforms cloud storage into primary file storage, combining the performance and features of an enterprise NAS with the economics and unlimited capacity of the cloud.

  • Freedom Collaboration. Overcome the effect of latency between offices, eliminating delays in opening or synchronizing files using technical applications like CAD, BIM, or PDM. Users get LAN-like performance at every office.