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No need to google it.  No, it isn’t a third party conversion program.  Nor is a magic spell cast by the Good Witch of the North required (no eye of a newt nor hair of a goat).  It is a relatively new feature of AutoCAD, it has been around for several releases now.  It can be accessed from the Big A, Import / PDF.  When you call the command, you will find you can either pick a PDF file to import, or select a PDF that is already referenced in the drawing.  The great thing, you can import the data as vector geometry.

But wait, there’s more.

You can have TrueType fonts come in as TrueType fonts!  If layers are defined in the PDF,  you can have those layers created automatically.  And it could be brought in as a block and have end-to-end lines and arcs come in as polylines.

Yet another great thing about this feature.  Have you ever wanted to have a DWF become a DWG again?  No need to google DWF to DWG, though you will find some out there.  But why bother?  Just open the DWF with Design Review and print it out as a PDF, then Import the PDF.  “PRESTO”, you have now gotten a DWF to be a DWG.

Another great capability too, if the text in the PDF were generated from AutoCAD SHX styles, they will come in as geometry.  For CNC, the geometry could then be used to generate machine code.  Or if you want it to be text, then use the Recognize SHX Text on the Insert tab / Import Panel.

I have found myself using this great capability for many different file types where I could generate a PDF and then bring the PDF in as geometry directly inside of AutoCAD.

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