Plant 3D 2022 – Isometric Dimensions


March 29, 2021 | All

Exciting changes in Plant 3D 2022! We’re going to dig in some more about the exact details, but here’s a quick summary.

  1. Re-designed dimensioned editing. The new dimension edits give you a LOT more control by theme and style.
  2. Customize anchor points – if you ever got an olet dimension where you didn’t want one, or wanted dimensions to components where there were none, you will need to check out the anchor points. While we’ve always been able to tweak these in the xml, it’s a significant effort.
  3. Isoconfig editing – at the top right of the iso setup there’s now a button for launching an iso config editor. The new customization dialog make tweaking settings, and viewing the xml code easier.
  4. DimensionOptimization, Annotation Optimization, and Split Optimization – we’ve been customizing these settings for a while, but if you were not familiar with editing the xml, you’ll be able to see these in the xml editor table view. These sections provide more control about how your isometric gets generated. Because they’re written in a little bit of developer speak, stay tuned for a future post explaining them more fully!

We’re going to keep digging into Plant 3d 2022. Due to some of these changes will be reviewing our user and admin courses in the next few weeks.