Plant 3D: 9 Quick Steps to Modifying the projsymbolstyle.dwg

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When configuring a Plant 3D project, you will need to edit the projsymbolstyle.dwg or other templates to customize layers, blocks or other AutoCAD styles. You can edit the projsymbolstyle.dwg using the following process:

  1. In Plant 3D, check in all files/changes you have on your local machine. We will need to reset the local copy of the project at the end of this process.
  2. Launch AutoCAD (not Plant 3D).
  3. Log into Vault.
  • Check out the projsymbolstyle.dwg that you need to edit.

You can use the Open (Check Out) option.

  • Make the changes necessary, then save and check in the projsymbolstyle.dwg.
  • At this point, if you go and try to reopen the project, your project setup option will be disabled. Your local copy of the file is more recent than the one registered with Plant, so you will need to reset the project on your machine to be able to use the project setup dialog.
  • You should have already checked in all changes from your local machine. Navigate to the project folder in Windows Explorer and delete the project folder.
  • Go to the Open from Vault option in the project manager.
  • Select the project, and Plant 3D will re-download the project from Vault.

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