Plant 3D Boost Updates


January 12, 2021 | Plant 3D, Industrial and Plant

We are giving Plant 3D Boost a little love. Behind the scenes we are updating the installer, and designing some new pages to help convey how awesome this product is. Here’s what you can look forward to in the next few weeks and we work to make Plant 3d Boost the best way to get started with configuring Plant 3d.

Installer Update

First we’re fixing the branding around what has been called steel supports. The new installer will be branded with the super-cool Plant 3d Boost logo, and it will be more clear where the content is going to end up. The installer also will launch to our handy new guide (more on that later).

Steel Supports Superseded

While we have gotten some great attention through the steel supports product, our vision for a product that helps with Plant 3d configuration is bigger than the name. So to simplify our build and release process, we’re going to be pointing all references for steel supports over to the Plant 3D Boost content. If you have a steel supports subscription, we’ll get that turned into a license of Plant 3d Boost, just drop us a line.


Part of helping everyone understand the benefit of Plant 3d Boost is communicating more clearly about what the product does, how it works, and what we’re adding to it. We are creating two new webpages, Getting Started with Plant 3D Boost, and the Plant 3D Boost Guide. Our goal is to help everyone understand the process, and provide timely updates about new features, like steel supports, reports, project templates, catalog content, or pipe specs, as they become available. We’d love feedback if something isn’t quite clear enough.

And More Stuff!

The main benefit of Plant 3d is that as we come across new techniques, tools, or even just as we build fun configurations, we can share those with you. We’re going to have a post dedicated to the exact new items, but here’s a little preview:

  • Steel BOM for Plant 3D
  • 3 new Teepole shapes for pipe supports
  • 3 port y-strainer

Those are just a few of the items that will be released in the next few weeks. We are excited to bring you more great tools and tips, stay tuned for the next update.

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