Plant Collaboration in BIM 360 Design


Thanks to help with Buddy Legnon we’ve been able to take a closer look at nailing down the workflow for new users adopting Plant collaboration on top of BIM 360 Design.  The Plant collaboration tool is a great way to share work without having to run an on-premises tool. But with the repackaging of the BIM cloud tools, Plant users have lost a direct way to create and setup a new hub to host their collaboration projects.

Plant 3d will work with a new BIM 360 Design (or any BIM 360 Design subscription without an existing BIM 360 Team hub).

Here’s a link for a pdf of the whole process:

Bim 360 Design for Plant Collaboration Setup

To summarize:

  • Purchase new BIM 360 Design seat
  • Access account via order email
  • Activate BIM 360 Design by inputting serial number in the contract number
  • Active BIM 360 through email and signing in
  • Use this link to access contracts for BIM 360 Team:
  • Use the Sign Up Now to create a new hub
  • Create a hub using an Autodesk ID that has no existing BIM 360 Team access
  • Login to the BIM 360 Team hub in Plant 3d and share project

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