Plant Innovation: Automating Navisworks Publishing


Business Outcome

Automation can not only be a time saver for repetitive tasks, but it could also save money through your project, even future projects. Throughout the design process, clients need to see up-to-date 3D model progress so they can do process reviews, execute construction planning and schedule work.

Normally, the design process requires a user to publish a model to a Navisworks NWD daily, which can take 30 minutes to an hour or more depending on model preparation steps.

A project that implements automation can save $4,000 in costs ($50/hr) and $12,000 in billable revenue ($150/hr) in a month.


The following technologies are utilized in the solution:

  • Navisworks
  • PowerShell
  • Task Scheduler
  • Notepad++


Applied Software has created automation that can be configured using scripting and task scheduler to publish multiple projects to NWD.


  • Installation of automation scripts
  • Script configuration
  • Navisworks configuration
  • Task scheduler

Final Output

Utilizing automation for NWD creation not only saves project hours and money, it also makes the availability of up-to-date NWD models more consistent.

If you’re interested in an automation for your Plant design process, contact Applied Software today and talk to an industry expert.

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