Plant Support Highlights 2019-7-15

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  • Plant Support Highlights 2019-7-15

These are a few of our support requests that made our Plant 3D support highlights of the week.

  • Iso Style Customization Problems
  • Navisworks Object Enabler
  • Plant 3D P&ID Line Grips

Iso Style Customization Problems

Issue: Our client had issues creating a custom Iso Style for his title block. The iso would break up into several drawings with only one part per drawing. On top of that, the main header would come out several times larger than the title block.

Troubleshooting: We started by Comparing the XML files with the stock “ANSI-B” iso style to see if anything was different, we noticed that the “SheetTargetFitness” values were set to a Negative(-100) value as opposed to a positive value(100), the “MaxComponents” and MinComponents” were also set to negative values. This caused the objects in the drawing area to be several times larger than the title block its self.

Solution: We worked on this solution for a number of hours and it is still a work in progress. For a temporary solution copying the “ANSI-B” iso style instead of creating a new one seems to be the best option, then adding a customized title block. There is more to come on this subject in the future so stay tuned.

plot style

Navisworks Object Enabler

Issue: Our client set up a new machine and was having issues with objects, such as fittings and valves, not appearing in Navisworks. The client installed the object enabler and still, the problem persisted.

Troubleshooting: We verified to make sure Object Enabler was installed correctly (it was). This problem has come up in a previous support case and the issue was the “PlantSaveDetail” system variable.

Solution: We had the client change the value from 0 to 1 in PlantSaveDetail and after reloading the model in Navisworks all of the objects appeared as normal.

plant save detail

Plant 3D Line Grips

Issue: Plant 3D line grips are showing up as standard AutoCAD line grips and not allowing the client to add to the Pile Line Segment.

Troubleshooting: We reviewed clients line settings under Project Setup> P&ID DWG settings, and found that the Schematic Line Grips were set to “Vertex Grips Off”.

Solution: After changing the Grip Settings to Vertex and Continuation Grips On the issue was resolved.

Pid schematic line grip

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