Power BI Overview


August 27, 2021 | All, Plant 3D

Today we’re going to review Power BI and the role it can play in communication and execution. As with all tools, Power BI is designed fit a specific need and the success depends on how you implement it and align the use with your organization’s goals.

Here’s a preview of what Power BI is used for:

Intro to Power BI

We’re going to look at using Power BI to publicize our data from Plant 3D and make it available to the company for consumption. From a technology perspective, using Power BI is fairly easy. It has a robust community and support from business partners who can help integrate it into your own environment. While you can definitely get started easily, driving adoption will require developing new workflows and practices around building requirements and interviewing different groups to define their data needs. These processes in larger companies are filled by people like business analysts and data analysts. Since they involved different skill sets that piping or CAD Administration, complex data reporting has often been something only larger companies can sustain. Our goal is to lower the barrier for entry so that more of our customers can have the value of connecting their Plant 3d data through to the rest of their organization.

Be sure to check out the Power BI and Plant 3D from our #AU2021 presentation: https://www.autodesk.com/autodesk-university/conference/proposal/Power-BI-and-Plant-3D-Improve-Decisions-Data-Visibility


We would love to see how you are adapting Power BI and Plant 3D! Send us a screenshot of one of your favorite dashboards!

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