Reduce Costs in Project Management

360 Sync™ automatically transfers, organizes and archives project files across applications.
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An On-Going Challenge for Your Business

Estimates indicate that at least $250,000 worth of employee hours in most companies is spent annually transferring, organizing and archiving project files. File management drains resources that can be spent on more important aspects of company growth.


The Solution is Automation

One touch of a button using Applied Software’s 360 Sync™ automatically transfers your files from multiple sources. Not only does this minimize the use of critical resources, but it also reduces human error and improves the timely transfer of critical information. Our customers report a return on investment of two months or less when they purchase a yearly subscription to 360 Sync™.

Built Around the Software You Use

Nobody integrates with as many platforms and applications as 360 Sync™. Within 30 minutes, you will be transferring your first project files because of the simplicity of the user interface and the personal support of an Applied Software expert. See it in action with BIM 360


360 Sync™ Integrates Across Multiple Platforms

Save 30 minutes to an hour a day syncing and transferring files


360 Sync + Dropbox

360 Sync + Bluebeam

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360 Sync + Bluebeam