Advance Design



BIM workflows

Advance Design provides an outstanding BIM experience.
It enables intelligent model-based workflows for Engineers and construction professionals. Advance Design acts as a BIM platform and guarantees the continuity of geometric and analytical data through model transfers all along the design cycle.
Analysis results are also stored in the Digital Model and are part of the BIM process. For instance, they can be used to start a rebar design or a steel connection process directly from Revit. These options open new disruptive opportunities.
– Connected Structural Workflow
– Autodesk Revit and Advance Steel integration
– IFC compliancy
– Analytical model management


Advance Design is probably one of the easiest to learn and use structural package. Modelling is intuitive thanks to a complete library of structural elements, advanced wizards and automatic loads generators (climatic loads, seismic loads, traffic loads…). These easily customizable elements and wizards adapt to any situation: numerical eccentricities, braces, ties with initial pre-stressing, complex loading systems…
– Dynamic views
– Level management
– Property templates
– Multi viewports
– Coordinates system (Global, local, user).
– Rendering display
– 3D animation on the model and results

Advance FEA methods

Advance Design features a powerful mesh and multicore FEM analysis engine, automated post-processing tools and detailed smart reports, automatically updated after every iteration. Achieve a new level of computer aided engineering with Advance Design!
– Advanced mesh capabilities
– Non linear analysis
– General Buckling
– Time Hsitory analysis
– Pushover analysis
– Construction stages

Concrete Design

Advance Design performs a global reinforced concrete design that computes theoretical and real reinforcement, crack design, interpolated cracked inertia, deflection checks, etc. All these results are available for all elements in detailed reports.
Advance Design modules also provide detailed design intent and reinforcement drawings. Advance Design includes design and detailing modules for the main structural elements: reinforced concrete beams, columns, footings, RC bearing walls and shear walls, RC slabs allowing to go deep in the level of details such as openings, depressions, precasts, flanges, 3D reinforcement cages… Advance Design modules also provide detailed drawings required for the construction site.

Steel and Timber members and connections design

Advance Design performs an advanced analysis and optimization of steel elements and connections according to the selected standards. Design templates, shape and deflection optimization through automated calculation cycles, a wizard for steel structures and a detailed global report including all design checks and graphical results makes Advance Design a high-end solution to design steel structures.
Timber is getting more and more traction in the construction space and timber design has become more complex with the application of the Eurocode 5. Advance Design also performs a complete analysis and optimization of timber elements.

Detailing tools

Advance Design integrates specific modules to design Reinforced concrete members and Steel Connections. With those modules, you can go in the details of the last design checks and get automatic drawings:
User’s templates
Automatic bar’s schedules
Detailed design reports
Interactions curves, diagrams and stability graphics
Integration with Autodesk Revit for 3D rebar cages