Revit Tools & Other Resources

Developed by Applied Software, this productivity-enhancing set of tools has been specifically designed to increase efficiency and save users time by streamlining repetitive tasks and minimizing data entry errors.

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Change Case Tools

The change case tool allows you to modify the case of any text note within Revit. Text notes can be changed to all upper case, all lower case or you can capitalize every word in the note. Change case options also include Proper Case and Sentence Case. The user can specify certain text to be excluded from case changes such as ft, cm or mm.

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Door Renumber Tool

This tool allows you to renumber doors by selection order. This tool also allows you to renumber doors by the room into which they swing. The door mark includes the room number and an appended suffix. These suffix characters can be either alpha or numeric. We also include an option that omits the suffix if a room has only one door swinging into it. You can also renumber doors when room numbers are not present.

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Door Parameter Tools

This tool updates the “to-room” and “from-room” parameters for every door in the project so your schedules accurately reflect the latest changes to door swing operations.

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Room Renumber Tool

This tool renumbers rooms in the order you select them. You can specify a number to start incrementing from and add prefixes and suffixes to that number.