Building Supermodels With Collaborea

Collaborea will revolutionize the way you work with your BIM model. It will improve your Coordination Workflow and make Model Data Validation easy.

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The Value of Collaborea

You can easily search for data gaps in your model and review clashes with the Navisworks Add-In, quickly modify your data or discrepancies in your model with the Revit Add-In, and give your entire team the ability to review the model information on the online portal. Collaborea greatly builds upon and improves your Navisworks and Revit workflows.

  • Significantly increase the quality of design, construction and management.
  • Finish 90% of your work in 10% of the time.
  • Give everyone a better overview and insight.



Collaborea Features

Clash Coordination

Build your Clash Tests and Search Sets in Collaborea and send them to the cloud.

Enterprise Model Data

Build a library of Rules, Properties, Clash Tests, Search Sets and Data Validation.

Save Time

All of the functionality in Collaborea can help you finish your work in 10% of the time.

Cloud Connectivity

Manage, View and Assign tasks online from the cloud