Connect the Field and Office

eSUB empowers your team with real-time access to project information so individuals can make informed decisions and keep projects moving forward at all times. Users capture information directly from the field to initiate documentation from the office. Every data point captured by eSUB delivers real-time insights for proactive project management.

eSUB Features

Real-Time Information
Who says your back office can’t be onsite on every project? Through the eSUB mobile app, users capture field notes and photos directly from the job site. The real-time stream of job site information enables the office to initiate documentation within minutes.

Track Labor Productivity
An automated workflow for capturing and tracking labor information directly from the field delivers real-time project information and predictive insights.

System of Record
All information is date and time stamped and stored in a central repository to create a timeline of project activity.

Flexible and Module Driven
eSUB brings together an integrated set of multiple point solutions into one back-end home. Utilize what you need and turn on different apps—at your own rate and pace.

eSUB & BIM 360

eSUB was developed based upon 25 years of experience consulting with trade contractors in getting paid accurately for their work completed. eSUB’s field-first communication strategy and date-stamped document control delivers radical transparency and front end documentation practices to mitigate risk. As an Autodesk Forge Fund Investment, eSUB partners closely with Autodesk in connecting trade contractors into the entire lifecycle from design, pre-construction, construction, and building operations.

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