eVolve electrical

The #1 MEP Construction Software for Revit

Automate Detailing Tasks and Model with Standardized Content

eVolve Electrical is a best-in-class, all-in-one Revit plug-in solution to dramatically reduce modeling time.

Quick Tools

Modify Spool

Spool Manager

Create Kit Area

Smart Bend

Smart bend families enhance speed and performance for electrical conduit systems. The conduit’s bends are programmed to work with Greenie bender specs. Easily push out bend information for prefabrication.

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Hanger Placement

Automate the process of placing multi-tier trapeze racks in seconds. Automatically place hangers to avoid clashes. Easily get prefabrication information from trapeze hangers.

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Quickly select elements, assign a spool designation, and then produce Prefab sheets that include 3D views, Plan & Elevations, and Bill Materials in a matter of minutes.

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Family Browser

Access all your team’s content from a single source of truth. Organize and manage Revit families to make it easily accessible to all of your team members.

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Conduit Run Schedule

Easily assign Run ID’s and data to conduits in your Revit model. Calculate the conduit run lengths for wire length ordering and procurement.

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Conduit Optimize Bend Schedules

Tools that automate the process of optimizing conduits, couplings, and racks as part of Smart Bends Families.

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Migrate to Revit and Quickly Maximize Your Investment

Use technology to accomplish more work in less time. You will get an easy-to-use Revit experience for the end user and produce a level of accuracy that is needed to efficiently fabricate and construct your projects.

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