MWF Pro Wood

by StrucSoft

MWF Pro Wood is a rule based, template-driven Revit add-on that enables builders to automate the framing of entire wood projects, as well as to design and engineer floor cassettes. 

Why Buy MWF Pro Wood?

A complete design to manufacturing solution that empowers users to model, coordinate, engineer and manufacture panels more efficiently and accurately within the Revit environment. 

Automated Framing
MultiLayer Capabilities
Clash Detection (through wall)
Clash Detection (through stud members)
Engineer Floors
Generate Shop Drawings
CNC Output

The 5 key benefits of MWF Pro Wood by StrucSoft

  • Increase speed of framing by eliminating manual workflows. 
  • Save time by automating shop drawing creation.
  • Quarterly updates with numerous customer driven enhancements.
  • Automate the generation of framing schedules and estimate framing costs.
  • Improve collaboration with clash detection. 

See MWF Pro Wood in Action

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