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The Cloud Made Simple

Panzura is the fabric that transforms cloud storage into a high-performance file system, letting you use the cloud like a globally available data center.

  • Reduce storage costs by moving unstructured file data to the cloud. Take advantage of cloud economics and unlimited capacity.
  • Reduce storage infrastructure costs by as much as 70%. Get the best of cloud and local storage. Blend the economics and unlimited capacity of the cloud with the performance and features of local storage. Cache active data locally, and put cold data in the cloud.
  • Reduce backups. Cloud providers can offer 11 nines of durability. So you can consolidate backup and tape archive operations to the cloud.

What we love about Panzura

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CloudFS and Encryption

AEC & Manufacturing


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Freedom Archive

Single site solution to eliminate backup and archive, replace local NAS, or manage large data sets such as genomic and seismic data.

Freedom Multi-Site NAS

Replace legacy NAS and consolidate data across any number of sites to modernize the data center while achieving local all flash performance.

Freedom Collaboration

Replace islands of storage, eliminate the impact of latency, and empower global users to collaborate in real-time.

Solution Briefs

Panzura for Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Many of the world’s largest and most innovative firms trust Panzura for collaborative workflows across the globe. IT requirements facing AEC firms have never been more challenging. As data volumes increase and data islands proliferate across the organization, the need for a complete data management approach becomes more urgent.

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Accelerating and Simplifying Cloud Migration

Moving enterprise storage and workloads to the cloud is meant to deliver the flexibility that allows organizations to become more agile. The myriad benefits include reduced storage costs that are more closely aligned with business growth, along with greater data durability and availability, without increasing the size of internal IT teams.

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Ransomware Protection with Immutable Data

The persistence, pervasiveness, and documented success of ransomware attacks would suggest it may not be possible to mount a complete first-line defense, even within well-resourced organizations. That makes it essential that critical business data is as close to invulnerable as it can possibly be. That is, if your environment is attacked, and even accessed, the data itself will not fall.

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Hybrid NAS: Enterprise Challenges

Local, not distributed

Ideal for local data sharing, but cannot effectively share large data sets over distance.

Complex and Costly

Complex and costly data protection processes burden IT and still limit data availability and durability.

Difficult to Scale

Limited and costly scalability options make managing data growth expensive and difficult.


The inherent latency of connecting to a local data center, as well as the serial nature of cloud object storage, means that cloud object storage cannot match local data center performance. This limits the workloads that can migrate to the cloud since many applications and users have a continous demand on performance.


Applications and business workflows have been built around traditional SMB and NFS protocols. Migrating to the cloud, which uses object storage, means rewriting applications or changing established business processes. Neither is acceptable for the enterprise.

Hybrid NAS: Benefits

Enterprise Workloads

As an enterprise solution, Freedom NAS supports both NFS and SMB as high performance protocols simultaneously.

Fast Deployment

Complex and costly data protection processes burden IT and still limit data availability and durability.

Scale on Demand

With Freedom NAS, organizations can simply add capacity as they need it. As the costs of cloud storage decline, the enterprise gains the cost savings.

Pay as you Go

Choose the public or private cloud provider that meets the needs of the organization. Never again purchase storage in advance of need.

Consolidate Storage

Freedom NAS consolidates 100% of unstructured data in the cloud simplifying management, eliminating scalability issues, and improving performance across sites.

Eliminate Backup and DR

By consolidating data in the cloud, data is protected through the high durability of the cloud. Enterprise snapshots provide point in time data restoration for fast recovery.

How Data is Secured

  • NIST compliance
  • Military-grade AES-256-CBC encryption
  • KMIP for encryption certificates
  • Data masking & obfuscation 
  • Secure erase

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