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Architecture, Engineering, & Construction

Panzura solves the specific challenges that AEC firms face when using a distributed workforce to collaborate using applications like Revit, AutoCAD and Civil 3D.

Panzura is the fastest global cloud file system on the planet, allowing globally distributed users to work together as if they were in the same room.

Sharing and working collaboratively presents 2 distinct problems when working with mega-sized files held in a central server. Files can frequently take over 20 minutes to open, wasting a significant amount of productive time. And, lack of ability to completely lock files when open for editing can result in multiple versions that must be merged, or worse – overwriting someone else’s work.

Without Panzura

Network latency between sites slows everything down because one site hosts the data and all other sites access it remotely. This latency means a 1.5MB Civil 3D file can take 25 minutes to open remotely.

With Panzura

Panzura eliminates latency and gives your users fast data access everywhere. With Panzura, the same 1.5MB Civil 3D file opens in just 8 seconds.

Blazing Fast File Performance

With Panzura, even the largest files typically open in under 10 seconds, from any location across your entire global cloud network. That’s because Panzura stores files as a single source of truth in the cloud while making cached versions available on local filers. This hybrid cloud approach leverages local processing power to deliver a legacy NAS experience.

Global Collaboration Without Versioning

Panzura’s unique real time file locking capability enforces a global file lock, where the entire file can only be edited by one user at a time. And, where applications like Revit and AutoCAD support it, byte-range locking means just the file elements currently being edited are locked, allowing your global teams to work collaboratively.

Productivity and Economy

Our patented technology leverages the speed of local flash storage to deliver real time file responses. We minimize bandwidth demands and time to sync by transmitting only altered portions of files simultaneously to the cloud and to every local filer. As a result, even the largest files are updated in near real time.

Reduced Infrastructure Costs

Panzura consolidates unstructured data storage, archive, backup, and disaster recovery in the cloud. Given the infrastructure demands for traditional NAS to accommodate files and backups for AEC firms, switching to Panzura and cloud storage can result in savings of up to 70%.

Limitless Scalability

Panzura’s simultaneous bursting data sync provides near real time updates across your entire organization. Every 60 seconds, every site is synced to the cloud – and to each other – at the same time. Whether you have 5 sites or 500, each site always has an up-to-the-minute version of every file.

Military Grade Security

Panzura guards your intellectual property using the toughest security measures available. Our global cloud file solution is protected by AES-256 CBC (that’s military grade) on the Panzura filer and dual encrypted with TLS 1.2 while your data is in transit between the local filer and your cloud storage.

Proven in the Most Demanding Environments

Mead & Hunt

Over the last 2 years we have increased headcount by 50% to 900 people and reduced IT spend by $250k with Panzura. We are now operating as one collaborative team across our company, increasing productivity across all employees.

Andy Knauf


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C&S Companies

ith Panzura Freedom, we deployed ONE global cloud file system across all global sites, enabling engineers and designers to collaborate as ONE global team, dramatically increasing productivity and improving our bottom line.

Henrik Carlberg


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File access is now a breeze. It’s super-fast and that’s because of the peer-to-peer communication. File locking doesn’t have to go through a third party.

Erick Hernandez


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