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Get everyone on the current set.

Access all project information from wherever you are. From plans and specifications to punch lists, documents, and photos, PlanGrid is your single source of truth.

Collaboration where work happens

Instantly distribute plans and documents that are automatically hyperlinked, versioned in order, and easily searchable with full sheet search.

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Complete turnover without losing data

  • With accurate data collected during construction, it’s easy to turn ovea a digital as-built for facilities management and operations.


Submittals Module

Tracking and managing the submittal review process from start to finish just got easier. PlanGrid Submittals enables submittals to progress from the manager, the submitter and the reviewer with just a click of a button, allowing you to notify individuals while keeping the submittals process moving.

Automatic Submittal Log

PlanGrid’s Automatic Submittal Log includes everything you need — all relevant product data, shop drawings, and closeouts — to assign submittal register items to subcontractors and accelerate the submittals process.

Advanced RFIs

Don’t wait to create RFIs once you’re back in the trailer. Right from your mobile device, PlanGrid makes it easier than ever to submit questions once an issue is spotted. Use voice dictation to cut down on manual entry and add photos to provide context.


Give real-time access to critical data in plans, progress photos and reports to anyone who needs it, no matter which application they use. With a library that allows you to build integrations between 200+ applications in one place, connecting your most important applications has never been easier.

PlanGrid Connect

PlanGrid Connect provides an out-of-box, no-code platform so you can create flexible integrations without relying on engineering resources. As the applications you use improve, PlanGrid Connect keeps up with the changes so you can focus on what matters most, not integration maintenance.

What Our Experts Say about PlanGrid

Paul Perry and Jackson Sensat discuss expertise and experience in the construction space, Jackson’s most challenging and rewarding projects, and what he is focused on for Applied Software for the next year.

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